Club members get exclusive discounts, events and more!

You love flying and we love you!

Join our Flying club and get tons of awesomeness from St. Pete Air such as….Flying and Instruction Discounts, Monthly BBQ’s, Educational Classes, Holiday Parties and more when you are a member of the St. Pete Air Flying Club!

St. Pete Air is committed to our customers.

In October 2013, we announced the commencement of the St. Pete Flying Club, which provides our renters and students with a 12% discount on all aircraft, products and instruction services provided by the flight school. Honoring all previous lifetime memberships for the Bay Air Flying Club, we are proud to continue the legacy of affordable, excellent service from previous years.

Flying for simply one hour a month saves the cost of the monthly due. Contact us today at to find out more information required to begin your membership to the St. Pete Flying Club.